lunes, 11 de junio de 2007

Psyllobora 22-punctata

This chrome-yellow beetle with 22 black spots is widely distributed and common on low vegetation. Unlike most ladybirds, it is a herbivore, feeding on mildewed leaves. Its colour pattern varies very little. The 22-spot ladybird can be found from April until August.
The bright colours are a warning to predators that ladybirds have a bitter taste. If handled they exude orange liquid from their joints. This is actually a form of controlled bleeding which stains the hands and is very pungent. The smell is persistent for a long period.
Fungus-feeder, eating mildews on leaves, especially of umbellifers such as carrot and parsnip.

Rambla de las moreras.Pto de Mazarron.09/06/2007

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