sábado, 21 de julio de 2007

Peucetia viridis

The female reaches a body length of 22mm, the more slender male averages 12mm. There usually is a red patch between the eyes, with red spots over the body. The eye region is clothed with white appressed hairs. The legs are green to yellow, with very long black spines and covered with black spots.
Gravid females are able to change their color to fit their background.
The female constructs one to four 2cm egg sacs in September and October of 25 to 600 bright orange eggs each, which is guarded. She usually hangs upside down from the sac and attacks everything that comes near. The eggs hatch after about two weeks. Then it takes another two weeks until fully functional spiderlings emerge. They need eight instars to reach maturity
La Azohia Cartagena 05/2007

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