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Hyperechia sp

Hyperechia sp
Quizas pueda ser H.bomboides (Loew, 1851)
Un caso precioso de mimetismo en la familia Asilidae,hay poquisima informacion del genero hyperechia en internet,solo he encontrado una lista de varias especies:

Hyperechia albifasciata Enderlein, 1930
Hyperechia bifasciata Grünberg, 1907
Hyperechia bomboides (Loew, 1851)
Hyperechia consimilis (Wood, 1874)
Hyperechia fuelleborni Grünberg, 1907
Hyperechia imitator Grünberg, 1907
Hyperechia madagascariensis Enderlein, 1930
Hyperechia nigripennis (Wiedemann, 1830)
Hyperechia nigrita Grünberg, 1907
Hyperechia pellitiventris Enderlein, 1930
HULL (1962): "As regard mimicry in this family, it seems less well marked than is found in the Syrphid flies or butterflies. Melin (1923) does not accept the existence of mimicry in the Asilidae, but in this I believe that he is mistaken. Species exhibiting mimicry increase in hot, humid latitudes and may be quite lacking in the temperate lands. Shelford (1902) calls attention to a species of Laphria Meigen resembling the Hymenopteron Salius seriocosoma; and also Hyperechia fera Wulp resembling the bee Xylocopa latipes. An African species of Hyperechia Schiner was noted by Marshall (1902) to closely resemble the bee Xylocopa flavorufa.

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