lunes, 14 de mayo de 2007

Gasteruption sp.

Clase: Insecta
Subclase: Holometabola
Orden: Hymenoptera
Suborden: Apocrita
Superfamilia: Evanioidea
Familia: Gasteruptiidae
Parasitan diversas especies de escarabajos barrenadores de madera, tanto larvas como insectos adultos. Después de percibir la presencia del hospedante, la hembra depositará un huevo en su cuerpo, atravesándo primero la madera, con su largo y poderoso ovopositor.
Wasps in the family Gasteruptiidae are predator-inquilines that lay eggs inside the cells of solitary bees and wasps nesting in plant stems or in underground nests, with the resulting larvae feeding on the food stores and/or nest inhabitants. The ovipositor on this female wasp is not used for drilling into wood, as in some other parasitic wasps (see Megarhyssa), but is used as a sort of remote placement device; the wasp inserts it into an existing nest or burrow. I won't reinvent the wheel; Tree of Life Web Project has a thorough write-up on these curious insects.
La Azohia.Cartagena.04/2007

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